Standardization in EV Industry

The main problem right now in the delay of the expansion of electric vehicle ecosystem is Standardization. Electric Vehicle Industry all over the world is in pre-shakeout stage. This is the period in the new technology where competing players such as the Auto manufacturers, the Battery manufacturers, and the EVSE manufacturers all together refuse to […]

Why the EESL tender for 10,000 Electric Cars for Government use, is an epic disaster?

On the 19th of March, 2017 the Energy Efficiency Services Ltd. a public enterprise floated a requirement for 10,000 Electric Vehicles to be used by government and public officials. Read more here

Does India need its own palantir?

Does India need its own palantir? Palantir is silicon valleys most valuable startup, much more valuable than uber or Airbnb but there is something mysterical about this startup, does India need one of its own, or is flipkart the best we can get? Lets dive deep! Palantir is a big data mining startup, a baby […]

Early Stage Investor V/s The Founder

In the recent past the startup ecosystem has been growing exponentially. We might seen a surge in the number of startups getting early stage funding with a fresh cash infusion in the startup scene by Walmart. We might also see renewed vigour from other international behemoths in buying up competition helping them get a slice […]

The TATA RaceMO is shelved! Is India ever going to stand for something in the global automotive scene?

Millenials in India would today remember the first time someone in their family first brought home a car, a PAL premier, Ambassador or . My colleagues a generation before us would remember seeing the odd Morris Minor or , Austin or Standard Vanguard. The truth is, none of these cars were actually but were built […]