"To Reverse the Co-relation between the Ecology and the Economy"


"Economy" and "ecology": the two words share a common etymological root just as the Dictionary’s definitions suggest, but why do they point to perspectives that rarely seem to connect?

Economy speaks of "use" where ecology harbors "relationships".

Ecology evokes thoughts of energy, diverse re-creation, green landscapes, and research done in lightweight hiking boots, whereas economy tends to get associated with money, mass production, grey industry, and a dismal science conducted in polished black shoes.



We strive to build the Global economy every unit of value created in the economy reduces its impact on the Ecology by 3 times, here is how we plan to do it.

The greenhouse gases emitted from the transport sector is 28.2% of the total greenhouse gases emitted as per a 2018 survey, this is set to go up to 34% by 2022 at the current growth rate of the personal transport sector. We aim to globally reduce this to 21% by 2022 and 16% by 2025, eliminating 250,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide from the atmosphere.

We commit our efforts in clean transport, energy storage and cleaning up the supply chain by working with businesses to help them clean up.


The Team


Rahul Gonsalves


An avid biker, love working on interesting projects and ideas.
6 years in the EV space, 34 years to go!

Prem Bhojwani

Head of Engineering

Idea to Reality Implementer | A finder of the Best Tech | Cost Ninja
He puts the soul in our vehicles!

Dipak Mehta

Head of Manufacturing

Making vehicles are tough, with 36 years of experience in EV manufacturing.
He makes the vehicles we sell.